PARADA - Dom Trzech Kultur

"Native" - renovation, culture, life
Parada 1991 - 2005

Of these three elements is only the latest for us spatially and temporally. The other two lead one of our independent existence. From a small niche with oven are multifunctional spaces emerged: bedrooms, work spaces, galleries, built from mud bricks, painted with self-produced casein colors and protected under a roof of grass. In conjunction with solar collectors and biorafinery Parada now belongs to the local landscape as streams, trees and meadows. But this is not everything. Parada, a gentle, sensitive dialogue with its surroundings. To the surrounding ruins and along the streams to increase its area. These ruins are important element of artistic and educational work in Parada. It is a new component of the emerging intellectual and artistic space - the home Parada.

It is an aesthetic and educational offer for Polish, Czech and German schools in the border area. The long-term, we are probably with a new phenomenon to be done by cultural anthropologists as "The civilization of Parada". (Caution joke!)